The importance of well written and regularly posted blogs, relevant articles and informative essays, cannot be underestimated. While existing clients know how to get hold of you, it’s your new ones that need to be established.

If we divide the source of your clients into short term, medium tern and longterm, then it probably looks something like this :
• Short Term – existing and word of mouth
• Medium Term – Short term plus reputation
• Long Term – reputation plus marketing

Reputation is critical, and that’s your responsibility. But marketing isn’t as straightforward as it once was. Covid-19 now means a lot more people working from home, with an increasing reliance on ‘online’ – which is where the majority of your new clients will come from. An online future requires an online presence, one that is up to date, relevant and interesting – all which require time and take you away from billing time – your income.

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Your online presence is where you get not only to say what you think, but to be heard. Whose profession doesn’t have issues that can’t be resolved due to the lack of :
• communication
• accountability
• stubbornness

How often does this affect your public profile and ability to generate new commissions, and where do you find someone to help you make a difference?

AEDIS can change that :
• Blogs
• Articles
• Reports
• Newsletters
• Photographs
• 3D illustrations
• Technical manuals
• Profile and presence

Your practice is an experienced and competent expert in its field, which means you recognise the cost advantages of contracting out in order to charge your own higher rate – get in the experts who don’t charge as much as we do – it’s basic commercial commonsense.

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