O ur history has been brief but by no means unproductive. Our research into prefabricated affordable housing led us to enter both the Collett’s Corner design competition in Lyttelton and the PreFabNZ SNUG Corner competition in Auckland in 2018.

CHALLENGE : EVERYTHING – our mantra – led us to not only relook at the fundamental structure of a house, it carried over into windows, handles for cavity sliding doors, glass balustrades and even home office’s and their layouts.

deZignsite is based in Christchurch, New Zealand, and currently works with:

  • Health Based Building
  • Ergostyle
  • WorkSpace IQ
  • Acorva

deZignsite is a member of :

  • PreFabNZ
  • Lifemark
  • Elite : 6 Decision Makers
  • ‘The Networkers’ Business Communities 


At deZignsite we use principles of common sense and dignity to resolve your design challenge – intelligent design.

Accessibility and personal significance are two of our design drivers, in an environment where according to Lord Richard Rogers :

“Form follows profit has become the aesthetic principle of our time.”


If you have vision and motivation,deZignsite has perspective and structure. Our old-fashioned values of duty and stewardship – we’re spending your money, after all – lie at the heart of our processes. Your design legacy is our challenge – we take it personally.

Nigel Sanding

Nigel started what ultimately became deZignsite in 2018, the result of many years of osmosis. A mantra of ‘CHALLENGE : EVERYTHING’ initially focused on affordable housing, ultimately morphed into anything to do with the built environment.

An architectural technician, academic and artist, Nigel photographs, draws, writes, creates, and generally overthinks everything.

Nigel has been a contributor to a number of magazines over the years, and is currently writing for The Shed. Some of his fine art photography is in the Chambers Gallery collection in Christchurch.